Monday, February 18th 2019
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Talia Sutra

Born in Israel, Talia, along with her family relocated to New York early in her life. 

Growing up in a structured, religious, Jewish environment pushed Talia to explore spirituality for herself from a young age. She was first introduced to yoga and meditation at age 6, when her mom integrated these practices into her lifestyle to beat lymphoma.

Talia sees nothing as external to her studies: She has learned impeccable skill and technique from masters of ballet, yoga and art. Equally, she finds sensitivity, intuition and insight are to be found through connection with the seemingly ordinary world of animals and trees and that no teacher is greater than the one within. 

Talia has recently relocated to Israel where she lives with her husband Ezra and their newborn son Akiva. 

She is excited, humbled and honored at the opportunity to spread her love of yoga worldwide and is grateful for all her teachers and students.

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