Monday, February 18th 2019
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Sheren Fua

Sheren Fua was born in the Philippines, raised in Germany and currently lives in Virginia US. As a wife and hardworking mom of two children, she still maintains a high level fitness which would compare to a high performance collegiate athlete.

She found yoga as a result of her first encounter with a yoga instructor. Since then she has been practicing yoga while encouraging others to do so as well. She decided to go the next step to be a yoga instructor and found deeper connections to YOGA- body, mind and soul at Yogi Hari Ashram.

She has been very active in sport since grade school. Yoga has been her healing regimen physically and mentally- "MIND OVER MATTER”.  She utilizes yoga as pre and post workout as  her supplements for fitness.  She found yoga very helpful in increasing her performance on sports, and preventing injuries. She competes for fitness, and as a yoga instructor it allowed her to optimize her level of fitness by increasing her flexibility, strength and endurance through yoga. She is currently preparing for a powerlifting yoga competition while supplementing her training with Crossfit six days a week.

She encourages  you to try Yoga not once but for a lifetime. Yoga has so much more to offer outside its performance enhancing benefits and she is honored and grateful that she can  share her love with yoga. 

"I wish you can feel what I feel the freedom of movement, freedom of mind and the freedom soul when I practice YOGA. Every poses is like getting to know your body"

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