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Instructor : Edna Reyes Malaki
Start @ December 02, 2017 11:00 AM
End @ December 02, 2017 05:00 PM

569 NOK

Slide into the holiday season a little more open. Let us celebrate early Christmas on our mat by opening our hearts. This backbends can be a challenge for us both physically and mentally.  Backbending is one of the most challenging categories of yoga posture for many practitioners. Fear and a desire to avoid them are a common experience for many. Heart openers are great for the nervous system and the body to develop their full range of strength and opening necessary for a balanced internal experience. Backbending teaches us to be more patient with ourselves and offer valuable lessons such as discipline and care. 

In this workshop we will examine techniques for practicing backbends. We will explore the balance between the effort and surrender in back-bending by putting together a sequence to lengthen the front side of the body, upper-back, and hips in order to free the spine, strengthening and working from the legs and the core to create stability within the poses and just LET GO.

This is open for students of all levels who have had some basic exposure to any form of yoga. We will challenge our boundaries, expand our edges and gain a deeper appreciation for our life's struggles. All poses and sequences will be taught in stages and open forums for questions.  Every level of student will be supported and challenged. Be prepared to work hard, laugh out loud and find a stronger brighter YOU!

After the Open Heart class, we will have a chance to get to know each other while making ( 1 ) Mala Necklace with different gemstones of your choice. This is a great Christmas gift to your friends and family. You will be guided on how to make your personalized necklace with a touch of history on how and where this Mala making originated. All the supplies will be provided. 

***Fruits, tea and coffee will be serve after the Open Heart class.
***Participants can take advantage 10% discount of all TYL products.

Make sure you attend the workshop on a fairly empty stomach. Give yourself digestion time after eating, at least 1-1.5 hours, and also eat something light.
Bring your own water bottle. 
Personal towel.
Wear comfortable clothes.
Yoga mat (optional). We provide free use of yoga props.
Have an open mind and an OPEN HEART!

"You do not need to search for your just need to live through your HEART!"

Price: 569 NOK
.*BINDING REGISTRATION and payable on the same day at the Studio. We accept cash and card payments.

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