Monday, February 18th 2019
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                Edna started her yoga practice march 2014. She moved to Norway more than a decade ago. She have a background in Office Management and also studied and certified in  Bergen City Norway on Dental Health Service and works on the local orthodontic clinic as dental hygiene advisor and orthodontic assistant.  

                She first found yoga as a replacement after her reoccuring sport injury. This was introduce by her friend  which is a yoga teacher in VA, USA. From home yoga practice to attending worshops of most recognized international yoga instructors. Also known as @ecstrom on instagram, she collaborate with different yoga instructors around the globe creating instagram yoga challenges.  An online yoga training to inspire and empower everyone that yoga is in fact for everyBODY. After years of home practicing, she followed her heart and took a Yoga Teachers Training in Yogashala Insitute in El Palmar Spain.  Now she have a tittle of RYT 200 in Hatha and Vinyasa in the international organization Yoga Alliance.


We work in the public interest to ensure that there is a thorough understanding of the benefits of yoga, that the teachers of yoga value its history and traditions and that the public can be confident of the quality and consistency of instruction.



                Edna believes that yoga practice can be beneficial for anyone, regardless of gender, age, religion, health status, or "flexibility." Yoga has been a grounding and uplifting force in her own life, and for this she is grateful each day. Yoga is not only her asana practice, but the way she lives her life. As both a teacher and student, she is constantly reminded of all that she still hopes to learn.

Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu  - “May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all”. – translation by Sharon Gannon

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The Yogi Lab is here to give you a little flare in your day and to provide inspiration to your everyday yoga practice. We offer online shop with variety of yoga Equipments and apparels to yoga classes.

It is not about to ‘’ perfect the pose" or ‘’how bendy’’ you are. Yoga is a practice of self study and a continuous process both inner self and outer. Be you and just let it go. The YogiLab believes that each and everyone are unique and deserves full attention. Everyone counts regardless of age, body type, experience and lifestyle. Small or big groups and private clients are available. I invite you to come in, try out and see where the practice of yoga can take you.

So your not into yoga? That's fine. Maybe a breathing, restorative and meditation class or a yoga massage is for you.

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